If you change your unconcious mind you can change your life


Very good news and big thanks to you Francesca has been offered a sports scholarship for 5 years !!!!! So delighted for her and she is too. She had her 3 rd session with you the day before her trial and as you know she was very low about not being awarded house captain at her current school! She said her sessions with you made her fly … Francesca 10 years old, Confidence

Children’s Issues

Christian wants to see you again!! He loved talking about his “problems”  with you and enjoyed the sessions so much he has asked me if he can come back and see you. Christian, 9 years old Confidence

Children’s Issues

I just wanted to email my gratitude for all the help you gave me, I feel like it’s been a massive help over the last few weeks and my life is already beginning to change so thank you so much. Leon, Confidence


Dear Nichola,

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for Francesca.  I can’t even begin to put into words the difference that I have seen . I have my happy, enthusiastic daughter back at home.As you know her grades at school have gone up by 25 % in 2 weeks and as she said,  ” she’s the happiest she has been at school ! ”

Francesca, 10 years old – Confidence & 11+ prep

Children’s Issues

Dear Nichola

You popped into my mind so I just want to say ‘thank you’ for the work that you did with me when I was in pieces earlier in the year. I listened often to your hypnosis, got over the crying and met a wonderful man in April whom I’ve been dating ever since.

What seemed so bleak then, now seems a chapter passed and – as you say – that guy didn’t tick my check list which the current one does. So life works out well when get back in touch with ourselves and have great support from people like you, along the way.

Thank You

Sophie, Relationship issues



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