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Addiction problems and solutions

I have specialist training in Addictions & have worked with many addictions including, Cigarettes, Sugar, Cannabis, Alcohol, Cocaine, Gambling, Eating Disorders – the route causes  & treatment of all addictions have parallels so please do contact me if your addiction is not on this list  – its very likely I can help.

If I don’t feel confident with your particular addiction I will do my best to find you someone who has direct experience of your issue

Addictions have both a physical & emotional root – a physical dependency, emotions about having the addiction such as guilt, regret, anxiety and then the root emotional cause that brought you to the addiction in the first place.

We work from the first session at bringing a stop to the addictive behaviour – to stop you “doing” your addiction.

With addictions that can cause psychosis or extreme physical symptoms when withdrawing I require you to be in contact with drugs counsellors to monitor you and provide medical support if necessary.

The likely severity of the withdrawal symptoms will drive the pace of the sessions.

Once we have stopped the behaviour, we look to the root cause of the need to self medicate.

When we have unresolved emotional issues we often turn to chemicals to change our mood & escape the anxiety eg alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, adrenaline.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) we resolve these emotional issues, the emotions that you were medicating are absent & therefore the need to use dissolved.

In addition, we resolve any feelings that have been created by the effects that your addiction has had on your life & relationships.

Typically Stop Smoking is a single 2-hour session (link to Stop Smoking). Alcohol dependency (link to are you alcohol dependent?), Sugar, Coffee, Cannabis will usually clear in 3-6 sessions. For Crack, Heroine & Eating Disorders it’s a long journey but still absolutely achievable.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

There is evidence that Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has some route in physiology.

But it can also be treated as an extreme case of habitual/addictive behaviour.

I have had success with several cases in helping sufferers to reduce & in some cases clear OC behaviour using Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

OCD is a coping method to enable the sufferer to feel safer.

Often it is a response to an experience or lifestyle that has been dangerous, traumatic or allowed the sufferer little or no control.

OCD can be debilitating in all areas of life: relationships, career, and health.

Hypnotherapy & especially EFT can enable you to make great strides forward. We can do sessions over the phone so that you can stay at home if you would prefer.

OCD is generally a complex issue & is likely to take several sessions however compared to traditional therapies you will be amazed at the speed with which you can improve.

If you would like to discuss your needs further or make an appointment please call me on 07946 526 838 or email on

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