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Anger management solutions.

Do you find yourself exploding over little things?

Do you say damaging things that can’t be unsaid?

Are your personal & work relationships at risk due to angry outbursts?

I have helped clients overcome anger issues across both sexes & all ages from 6 to 60 years old

Anger is a valid emotion when it is proportionate to the situation – it gives us the push we need to stand up for ourselves or others & assert what seems right. However, when we overreact to situation anger is extremely damaging, we experience fight or flight mode & feel out of control. In fact, we lose the ability to argue our point logically – we lose the high ground & often make matters worse.

Anger management solutions

We overreact like this for one of two reasons:

1) A situation is resonating with unresolved experiences from the past eg If I was bullied at school I may overreact to an authoritative boss at work

2) We haven’t yet learnt good emotional control.

We might inappropriately feel it is our right not to be challenged

Or we have learnt to get our way by railroading people in the past

Using EFT we can resolve issues from the past.

We are able to remove the triggers that might set people off.

eg if I’m bitten by a dog when I’m 5 years old I may be on my guard in parks for the rest of my life unless I resolve that early trauma.

Very often these past issues are about loss of power – eg bullying, over-controlling parents, domestic violence, assault.

Using hypnotherapy & coaching we can develop better emotional control surprisingly quickly

I would recommend a course of 3 sessions a week apart using Hypnotherapy to reduce sensitivity & increase confidence in past trigger situations – this is recorded as an mp3 to reinforce the changes at home. In addition we use coaching & EFT to resolve any past negative events to do with powerlessness & humiliation to enable the unconscious mind to let go of anger and respond neutrally in similar situations in the future.

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