Is stress at work affecting your health, happiness & performance?

Have you experienced a significant personal shock which is making it hard to focus at work?

Are family or relationship issues becoming overwhelming?

Is fear holding you back from important actions?

Are you struggling with conflict in the workplace or feeling powerless to get things back on track?

Are you considering leaving or taking official action because of difficult workplace relationships?

Workplace stress can have a devastating affect on your health, career & home life. Symptoms include:

  • Loss of focus, concentration, mood control
  • Demotivation, looking to move on
  • Health issues:
    – Compromised immune system
    – Insomnia
    – IBS, Migraines, Back pain
  • Emotional volatility e.g. tearful/angry/withdrawn
  • Interpersonal Conflict disputes, grievances
  • Home life deterioration:
    – Relationship breakdown
    – Child development issues
  • Psychological deterioration:
    – Panic attacks
    – Anxiety
    – Depression
  • Coping mechanisms e.g. addiction; drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, being signed off with stress

In the UK 92 % of employers are investing in policies to support staff manage stress and anxiety at work. Over and above the human interest in your well being, the benefits of supporting employees have been proven again and again to out way the cost of investing in your physical & emotional health.

Hopefully you feel a level of genuine interest & empathy from your employer regarding any issues you may be experiencing. However, even if relations are strained, your health is still important to your employer & they may well be open to investing in supporting you.

How we can help

If you have made it to this page it’s likely that your company are looking to support you through one the following services:

  • 999 Crisis Counselling to support you quickly & effectively when life has dealt a devastating blow
  • On-going counselling & therapy to support you through times of on-going emotional stress
  • Conflict Mediation to support you & those with whom you may be in conflict at work to move forward from an impasse through confidential, impartial facilitation
  • Emotional Intelligence workshops to enable you to further develop your skills so that you can feel better equipped to manage personal & interpersonal stress before it becomes a problem

Whilst your employer may be paying for these services, you would have full control over what information is shared with them regarding therapy & mediation.

Our role at Worklife Resolutions is solely to support you to to better health & better relationships.