Are you under pressure to reduce sick leave, turnover, recruitment costs?

Who do you have off work with stress right now?

Are any of your employees under-performing due to personal issues?

How many HR hours have you spent dealing with interpersonal tensions?

How well do you feel your current practises manage stress & conflict in your workplace?

Workplace stress costs UK business 6.5 Billion per year, thats £618 for every sick day with employees often signed off for weeks or months with stress.

The impact to business goes further affecting performance and profitability through:

  • Lack of ability to plan as sign off periods are extended
  • “Presenteeism” attending work with low engagement/productivity
    – Poor decisions/deferred decisions – missed deadlines
    – Costly mistakes – affecting both bottom line & client relationships
    – Lost opportunities – poor pitches, procrastination
    -Internal relationships suffering – workplace conflict
    -Lack of team focus, direction & motivation if manager is absent
    -Loss of reputation/goodwill/bad PR
  • Additional HR work monitoring, reporting & support
    – High staff turnover & resultant recruitment costs
    – Employee disputes, grievances & court action

How we can help

The good news is that business is investing in this area & reaping the rewards with significant improvements in the number of sick days taken per year.

In the UK 92% of companies have policies to help employees manage stress and anxiety in the workplace with increasingly flexible plans incorporating a range of effective services.

At Worklife Resolutions we provide a number of services to enable employers to support their people through stressful times:

  • 999 Crisis Counselling – to support individuals quickly & effectively when life has dealt a devastating blow
  • On-going counselling & therapy – to support individuals through times of on-going emotional stress
  • Conflict Mediation – to support those in conflict at work to resolve disputes & move forward constructively
  • Core Mediation Skills training for HR professionals – to strengthen your mediations skills for use in-house
  • Emotional Intelligence workshops – to develop skills to better manage personal & interpersonal stress and avoid the escalation of issues that later require counselling or mediation