How to be More Happy – Part 2

How to be more happy

So, how’s it been going?… Were you able to choose Happiness last week using Rules 1-8 (see How to be Happy – Part 1)?

Maybe you had some wins and some losses. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the ups and downs of everyday life.

It seems that Happiness takes practice. Maybe the more we practice the happier we become…

Last week, we learnt that while it’s easy to feel that our happiness depends on our circumstances the research tells us that…

Happiness is a CHOICE

Now just to stress this again – I’m excluding those with depression from this statement

For people with depression, Happiness requires hard work and support
– so if you need support please get in touch – I’m here to help

For those who are suffering from low mood or the current crisis knocking them sideways…

So how do we CHOOSE to be Happy?

According to author Karl Moore, there are 18 Rules to Happiness…

How to be Happy Part 2

Here are Rules 10-14

  • Be more social – countless studies on happiness demonstrate that happy, successful people have a strong social network – lots of friends, family or colleagues to call – your online socials count – reach out and reconnect.
  • Love more – not the unhealthily clingy relationship type but more an open, warm, all-accepting love like a mother for a child or a child for their puppy – for no good reason just acknowledge the basic good in everyone, open up and love the world – try to suspend judgement – no one’s perfect all the time.
  • Have a dream – without something to inspire us forward we become bored, tired and apathetic. Clarify your dreams and goals, write them down and enjoy taking action to move towards them – despite or perhaps because of Lockdown.
  • Intention sets direction – if you expect something to be great it often is and vice versa – the reality is unchanged but your filter identifies the good or the bad depends on your focus. Set your positive intention for each day, situation, dream, relationship.
  • Enjoy simple pleasures – fresh sheets, sun on your face, fresh coffee in the morning, laughing with an old friend. Take your pick – little and often fill your happiness account.

Here are Rules 15-18

  • Accept what is – pushing against what is right now creates tension, stress and lack of clarity – no amount of being upset will change the situation – accept reality as is then take clear action to move towards your goal (our choice to change your goal to something more congruent with your current reality).
  • Exercise and eat well – boost endorphins and serotonin by exercise 3 times a week, visit for mood-enhancing meal ideas, maybe try an omega 3 supplement shown to boost mood.
  • Zoom out regularly and don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s often at major life events like births, deaths (or global pandemics perhaps) we see what’s really important – regularly zoom out and check your priorities are straight.
  • Laugh, dance, smile – surround yourself with happiness and watch it rub off – positive people, music, images, comedy. Dancing boosts serotonin levels – even online 🙂

Whilst Happiness is indeed a choice, when times are tough it can be pretty challenging to make that choice by yourself

If you need any help, just give me a call – I’m here to support you and online or face to face in Acton, Chiswick or Windsor.

Wishing you Well & Happy

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