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Infertility problems and solutions

Fertility is one of the most painful of issues for clients to deal with. Its so unexpected & fraught with contradictions – the hope of having a baby, the hopelessness of each failed attempt.

The desire to bring a relationship closer, the terrible strain fertility treatment places upon a relationship. The endless wait for success & results, the ticking clock of time running out. You feel anxious & upset but you must be calm & relaxed to support the treatment.

I have helped women conceive who have physical issues eg poor egg release.

And also those who are physically fine who are inexplicably not conceiving.

Hypnotherapy is great for physical issues.

The unconscious mind runs everything – hormone production, ovulation, acceptance of embryos as part of the system.

Hypnotherapy enables us to make suggestions to the unconscious mind & visualisation to improve these functions.

These sessions are in MP3s so that you can use them at home to reinforce the suggestions.

For emotion issues Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are excellent.

Many women have fears about pregnancy & motherhood that are so strong that the body prevents conception – like an animal in a hostile environment. Common issues are fears over parenting as a result of poor relationship with their mother.

Perhaps a fear of your relationship becoming like your parents or a fear of having another miscarriage. Other fears centre around the impact on career or lack of confidence in your partner or yourself.

These fears may be completely unconscious until we work them through – awareness is curative – once you understand where these deep fears have come from they are easy to resolve, the fear dissolves & the blocks to conception are removed.

I tailor-make your programme around your issues eg often if you are working on fertilisation & then embryo implantation we will have 2 x 2 hour sessions timed to fit with your dates.

If you have issues with ovary ripening or egg release then we work around that cycle.

I have had great success with fertility & I am particularly proud of the work I do with women in this area.

The promise I make is that I cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant but I can guarantee that you will feel calmer & more accepting about whatever happens. I am sensitive & empathetic and everything that we work on is 100% confidential.

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