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Insomnia treatment natural remedy

The unconscious mind never sleeps – If it did you would stop breathing each time you fell asleep, even for a moment.

The unconscious mind is a trustworthy & vigilant watchman throughout our sleep & keeps us safe as we recharge our mental & physical resources. It is able to wake us should the need arise.

However if you suffer from Insomnia,your unconscious mind has become over vigilant – preventing you from dropping into a perceived vulnerable sleep state or waking you up unnecessarily during the night.

Insomnia takes two main forms – those who have trouble going to sleep & those who get to sleep but wake up & are unable to get back to sleep.
Insomniacs often complain of a whirring mind – worrying about things to solve or sometimes just churning over little things.

Causes of Insomnia:
Insomnia can be a short-term problem brought on by temporary worries of being unprepared or insecure eg work worries, relationship issues, and financial difficulties.

It can also be a result of being a “worrier” by nature – a general propensity to feel unprepared or insecure.

Or it can be a result of past trauma, often things that happened at night eg surgery, burglary, fires, parents arguing or leaving – specific reasons to feel unprepared or insecure.

Once poor sleep patterns are set up they also become habituated – we expect to have sleep problems & so we have them.

Whatever the cause the practicality of insomnia is that the brain is too active to allow sleep.

Fear cause that activity.

When we sleep our brainwaves slow down – active thought requires a lot of brain activity.

Trying to get to sleep while worrying, obsessing or fearful is like trying to get to sleep whilst running.

It’s not going to happen!

The simple solution to insomnia is to retrain the unconscious that sleeping is safe & worthwhile.

To dissolve the fear & anxiety associated with sleeping so that the unconscious mind can relax & reduce its vigilance levels.

This will enable you to slow your brainwaves down & drift off calmly & comfortably resting until morning.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy for insomnia.

As we pass through the same brain wave patterns going into trance as when we fall asleep.

Using Hypnotherapy to create deep relaxation & coach the mind to switch off from daytime worries.

Stopping the recording of insomnia sessions while you are still in trance.

Enabling you to use MP3 every night as an aid to going to sleep.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are excellent for revisiting & gently resolving past traumatic events to enable the unconscious mind to feel safe to allow deep sleep throughout the night.
In addition breathing techniques are extremely helpful to slow the mind.

Usually, 3 sessions are sufficient to significantly improve the amount & quality of sleep achieved on a regular basis.

It is important to use the MP3 every night to enable the new patterns to become habituated.

Once healthy sleeping patterns are in place you can stop using the MP3.

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