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Lack of confidence example and solution . A lot of people have confidence problems.

One of the most common things I hear clients say is “if people only knew what I was really like”.

The world is a competitive place.

From infancy, we are compared & contrasted by ourselves, those we love, friends & peers, authority figures & strangers.

With positive & negative results.

These results – whether fair or foul – become lodged in our unconscious mind to create the very basis of our identities – our beliefs about who we are & what we can achieve.

The unconscious mind is the keeper of all statements that start “I am…”

Using Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) you can shift negative, outdated or unhelpful beliefs & develop a stronger, calmer, more positive self-image.

Hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT are excellent tools to facilitate change in how we view ourselves & what we feel we can achieve.

Hypnotherapy & NLP are used to reduce your stress levels & enable you to set up techniques to switch on confidence in any given situation. Recording Sessions of hypnotherapy as an MP3 so that you can use them at home to reinforce the changes.

EFT is an excellent technique for getting to the bottom of where these negative self-beliefs developed.

This could be poor parenting, bullying, abusive relationships, rejection or wrongly accused of something.

I have worked with hundreds of clients regarding confidence & the reasons are as varied as the individuals. Whatever the route of your lack of confidence we are able to identify the core issues & resolve the fear, anger, sadness or guilt associated with them to enable you to see things clearly and move forward to achieve your full potential.

Whether you struggle with confidence, speaking in public, socially or with the opposite sex, at work, driving, with exams or anything else I can help you.

I am completely non-judgemental & very easy to talk to, everything we discuss is completely confidential.

Confidence issues differ enormously in their complexity.

Many clients may feel confident after 3×1 hour sessions others may take several weeks.

Either way, using Hypnotherapy & particularly EFT is an extremely fast way to create lasting change compared to traditional therapies.

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