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Migraine relief natural therapy

Do migraines stop you dead in your tracks?

Are you missing work or social activities because of migraines?

Have you tried everything & nothing seems to work?

As you are likely to know as a Migraine sufferer, Migraines can be triggered by a number of issues including:

– Stress

– Dietary intolerances

– Medications

– Hormone changes

– Lifestyle changes

Using Hypnotherapy, coaching & EFT we can reduce your stress levels & support your will power to stick to the strategies that you know minimise attacks eg diet, exercise & sleep hygiene.

We become overwhelmed by stress when our stress levels trigger our fight or flight response. The amount of stress required to trigger that response depends on 2 measures:

– Your base stress levels

– Your exposure to stress in the present day

We will use EFT to reduce your base stress levels by resolving past negative experiences that are still affecting you in the present day.

Your ability to remain calm in the face of everyday stress can be significantly increased through coaching and practise.

By separating your “real” problems (eg I’ve been made redundant & need a new job) and your “imagined” problems (eg I won’t be able to do interviews because I will get stressed & have a migraine) I can help you to develop better strategies to keep things in perspective, to take manageable measured actions to move forwards & to manage your emotions to feel more calm & in control thus minimising the frequency & intensty of Migraines.

I would ask you to do a diary to identify any physical or emotional Migraine triggers.

Your hypnotherapy sessions would be recorded as MP3s to use between sessions to reinforce the changes.

I would teach you how to do EFT for yourself to manage early Migraine symptoms which can often be sufficient to avoid an attack.

Whilst Migraines may not disappear completely, typically clients report a significant reduction from the first or second session.

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