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Natural childbirth hypnobirthing

HypnoBirthing® is a course which teaches women and their birthing companions relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome associated with childbirth.

  • 65% of HypnoBirthing Mums require no form of pain relief.
  • A further 25% only require something mild like gas & air.
  • That’s 90% natural births vs a UK national average of around 43%

Established 20 years ago in the USA, HypnoBirthing® is used by couples in over 15 countries worldwide.

HypnoBirthing® is a structured but informal course that teaches about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth. You’ll learn why your body does what it does, as well as:

How to massively reduce the need for any medication at all

How to reduce your risk of tearing or needing an episiotomy during birth with a stunningly simple massage technique

Breathing techniques that actually help the birth (and it’s not the panting that most people think they have to do)

Be confident and informed when dealing with the medical staff – when to question, what to ask…and when it’s time to let them take charge

How to release any fears you might have about childbirth…regardless of where they come from

How to bring about your own easy start of labour with simple, natural techniques, if you go beyond your “estimated due date”

Most importantly, you’ll know how to relax and stay calm and in control – regardless of what’s happening around you
Plus, as well as the classes themselves, you’ll receive a professionally produced 196-page textbook “HypnoBirthing® – A Celebration Of Life”, an affirmation and relaxation tape or MP3 set, and weekly handouts

The results:

20 years of experience has produced some amazing results:

  • 65% of HypnoBirthing Mums don’t need any form of pain relief
  • A further 25% only require something mild like gas & air
  • The final 10% usually fall into a special circumstance where medical intervention is required
  • HypnoBirthing Mums tell us it really helped even when they were induced or ended up with a caesarean
  • Considerably shorter labour & birth times
  • Significantly fewer surgical births
  • A high number of comfortable, natural births with no technological assistance
  • A high rate of success in assisting breech-presented babies to turn into appropriate birthing position with the use of posture and hypnosis (in a study of 100 women at 37 to 40 weeks, there was an 81% success rate with hypnosis)
  • Highly energised mums in good spirits following births that are calm and gentle

Scientific research has also shown that babies usually have higher Apgar scores.

(A measure of how well your baby is doing immediately after the birth, and then five minutes later)

Instead of your husband or partner being a helpless onlooker, they become a central part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focused on the techniques you’ve been taught

I teach individual couples in your home, or groups of couples at my venue in Chiswick.
We can’t promise you a ‘perfect’ birth – no one can – but we can promise you a much, much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you would have had otherwise.

If you would like more information or to book a course please call me on 07946 526 838 or email to

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