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Natural pain management techniques

Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is effective in thousands of clinical cases for physical issues.

The unconscious mind runs the body – your heartbeat, your blood pressure, your immune system & your healing response.

By making changes at an unconscious level we can prompt the body to recover more quickly & change long term problems in a very short time – even things that seem insurmountable.

I have had success with many “hopeless” physical issues including Chronic back pain, Sciatica, Cancer pain, Migraines, IBS, diverticulitis and many more.

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Pain Control

British Medical Association recognised Hypnosis for pain management for over 50 years.

The body is digital – its either using the sympathetic nervous system ie Fight or Flight.

Or it’s using the parasympathetic nervous system ie the healing mode.

Hypnotherapy enables us to shift the body into healing mode, releasing endorphins, which are natural tranquillisers & antidepressants.

I will teach you how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to manage your pain between sessions.

EFT also enables you to resolve the emotions surrounding the pain.

eg frustration regarding the pain itself and the deep-rooted issues connected to the origination of the pain.

In about 80% of clients, some trauma has taken place within the 2 years prior to the pain being experienced.

When the system is disrupted by trauma illness & weakness in the physical body takes hold when otherwise it may have been shaken off.

By resolving this trauma we alleviate the original disruption to the system enabling it to be resilient again & heal the physical issue often entirely.

All programmes are tailor-made but generally, you would experience a significant shift after 3 sessions.

Chronic pain is more complex & can often take several sessions.

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