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Natural solutions allergy relief: Do you dread Summer?

Do you start sneezing if the house isn’t vacuumed every day?

Do you or your family long for a pet but you just can’t stand the fur?

Natural solutions allergy relief

Allergies can be very limiting – whether it’s summer pollen, dust, pets or other common allergens hypnotherapy can help reduce and sometimes eliminate symptoms

The impact of allergies can be debilitating; runny nose or blocked nasal passages, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing – it’s practically impossible for many people to study or work effectively if they are suffering and the long term effects mount up.

Perhaps you are losing days of work or productivity, perhaps a child is missing far too much school, maybe your summer social life is decimated.  The impact of allergies can often affect our sleep patterns leaving us exhausted, irritable and potentially negatively impacting our immune system.

Allergies are experienced when our immune system becomes oversensitive to a particular stimulus – you may have a seasonal allergy like hay fever, or an all year round allergy like dust or even intolerances to different foods.

It’s a little like when your home fire alarm is triggered by the toaster – there is no real danger but the sound of a false alarm is no less deafening than when there is a genuine threat.

Regarding treatment we look at 2 main strategies:

1 – Reduce your base stress level

2 – Recalibrate your internal alarm system

Reducing your Base stress levels:

Most people find that their allergic response worsens in times of mental, emotional or physical stress so it’s really important to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. When our base stress levels are reduced we can manage more day to day stress without our internal alarm system triggering and therefore allergic reactions can become less frequent and/or intense.

To do this we look at the big picture using crisis counselling and coaching – perhaps we need to process unresolved traumatic events from the past,  or maybe you need better strategies to cope with everyday stress as it happens.

Recalibrating your internal alarm system:

If we can reduce your stress levels through hypnotherapy and EFT the body spends more time in “Rest, Digest and Heal” state (the parasympathetic nervous system). The body is always trying to heal and return to balance and so by giving it the chance to heal we can see the internal alarm system or immune response recalibrate and become less sensitive to stimulation

Also by using Hypnotherapy we can “practise” being exposed to the allergen in your imagination while remaining physically comfortable. For example, if you suffer from dust allergies we might have you walking through a dusty old house calm and relaxed with no reaction. The unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined experience and so the hypnotic experience is logged as real and gives us “proof’ that we can relax around the allergen – again allowing the unconscious mind to feel safe to recalibrate the immune response to be less sensitive.

Each hypnotherapy session is recorded on MP3 so that you can use it at home to reinforce the changes. In addition I would teach you some simple acupressure techniques to alleviate symptoms as and when they occur.

While most people have excellent results sometimes changes are marginal so I recommend an initial session to gauge responsiveness. If symptoms improve we would follow up with 2 further sessions a week apart.

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