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Panic attack solutions

Does anxiety limit your life?

Do you miss out on a career, social & relationship opportunities due to panic attacks?

Do you feel unable to trust your body?

Anxiety can be debilitating & extremely frightening.

People suffering from anxiety tend to feel they are increasingly losing their grip on the world. Chest pains, panic attacks, claustrophobia & agoraphobia are common symptoms.

Panic attack solutions

Where stress has become overwhelming & is affecting work-life & relationships we would usually require a longer course of treatment. Typically you will feel better from your first session but the issue is likely to be complex & will require us to resolve several past events that are affecting your current view of the world & self-belief. These events may be past traumatic events or ongoing undermining of your self-belief.

We would use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming & Emotional Freedom Techniques. Generally, 6 sessions will have you back in control & functioning effectively.

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