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Psychological issues in children

Does your child have trouble sleeping?

Are sleepovers a worry due to bedwetting?

Are new foods or a varied diet creating anxiety?

Does your child seem less confident or resilient than their peers?

Are anger issues affecting school of home life?

Are exam or study stresses becoming overwhelming?


I have work with children from 6 years old on a wide variety of issues including phobias, thumb sucking, bed-wetting, academic anxiety, anger, dyslexia, Aspergers, Tourettes, tics, concentration, emotional management & self-esteem.

Children respond fantastically to Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). In fact, they love it! Children spend 75% of their lives in a hypnotic trance up to the age of 11 years old. They are great at learning & using the EFT techniques on themselves to help calm them down & change is usually fast & lasting.

Children enjoy the sessions & it gives them an opportunity to express their feelings without the anxiety that it may upset anyone. Even with the best intentions, the best parents can unintentionally miscommunicate.

Eg I had a young client who’s thumb-sucking had inexplicably returned.

Her 11 plus was coming up & her parents were doing everything to support her through her exams with tutors & reassurance that she would do well.

She knew what was going to happen regarding the exams & which schools she had applied for.

She knew all about the waiting lists. What they had not discussed with her was what would happen if she failed all the exams & didn’t get onto any waiting lists.

They were being positive but it still created anxiety.

In another child, this wouldn’t have happened. There really is no handbook I’m afraid, but there is help if you need it.

By resolving issues in childhood you can save your child a life full of unhelpful thinking – I would say over two-thirds of the adult issues I work with go back to something that happened when they were around 8 years old.

Childhood is where most of our problems originate.

Putting aside the special circumstances of physical or emotional abuse, up until the age of  8 most children accept the world as it is assuming that adults are godlike, irreproachable & 100% trustworthy.

Children are wonderfully lacking in self-consciousness & feel free to express themselves without censure.

Around the age of 8 children start to take ownership of their world as individuals, separate from their family unit.

This is when realisation dawns that they are unable to control their environment, that treatment may be unfair, or that they compare unfavourably with peers, that their family set up is unstable or unaccepting of a particular behaviour.

In addition, peer groups or teachers can be intentionally or unintentionally cruel & damaging.

They may be unable to control their environment or express their feelings at this time & become anxious, angry, sad or guilty.

These emotions produce symptoms such as bedwetting, nightmares, bullying other children, clinginess ..the list goes on.

If unexpressed the child may suppress their feeling using coping mechanisms such as nail-biting, thumb sucking, inexplicable illnesses.

You know your child better than anyone & whether something is a one-off copied behaviour or a pattern.

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