Are you expected to mediate disputes at work?

Is formal action the first step in your complaints or grievance procedure?

Line managers increasingly pass employee disputes to HR to resolve and, where budget is unavailable for a professional Mediator, HR professionals have no option than to take on the Mediator role or move directly to formal complaints procedures.

Effective mediation can save you time & money – nipping conflict in the bud before it gets out of control.

Typically HR are the fixers, the solution providers, even the hand holders. However these are the wrong skills to apply to Mediation which is why the outcome is often unsatisfactory.

Without effective mediation techniques:

  • disputes escalate
  • opportunities to avoid litigation be missed
  • agreements can be short-lived
  • tensions quickly resurface
  • HR budget, reputation & confidence suffer

How we can help

If professional external Mediation is not an option we can help you manage conflict effectively by
boosting your skills with:

  • 1 day practical workshop to provide core mediation skills to complement existing HR expertise
  • Supported internal mediation – we co-mediate with HR
    – to build confidence & experience before HR solo mediate
    – for multi party, team or union mediations
    – if a dispute is particularly challenging & HR would like additional expertise to hand

For more information about these courses please call or email 07946 526838