Sometimes life can deal a devastating blow. When personal issues become overwhelming our ability to perform at work is compromised. It’s important to ask for help and your employer may well provide it for you.

CIPD members estimate that 60% of stress-related absence is for non-work causes such as:

Immediate Crisis:

  • Bereavement
  • Miscarriage
  • Medical diagnosis of self or loved one
  • Separation/Relationship breakdown/Crisis
  • Physical assault of self or loved one

Ongoing impact:

  • Health checks e.g. MRi, Blood tests
  • IVF anxiety
  • Issues with children e.g. Exam stress, Anxiety, Self Harming, custody
  • Phobias preventing progression eg Flying, Presentations
  • Divorce process

999 Crisis Counselling

  •  A rapid response service aimed at helping you to move from feeling overwhelmed to a more resilient position as quickly as possible
  • Whilst ideally the goal is to get you back to productive work quickly & efficiently there is no pressure to return before you are genuinely ready
  • Within 48 hours we can meet with you for a 2 hour session at your work premises or mine
  • During this initial session we focus on helping you reduce feelings of overwhelm, process the situation, your reactions and any immediate actions that might need to be taken
  • Therapy is empathetic & supportive – typically you will feel significantly better after your first session
  • In addition this session is used to assess a likely recovery timeline & schedule an on-going programme
  • Combining traditional crisis counselling techniques with proven contemporary therapies makes recovery fast, effective & results driven
  • On-going counselling is available for longer term issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction etc