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Natural Solutions for Anxiety – London Life Solutions: What is Stress?

What is Stress?

A little stress can improve our performance – our adrenaline is raised to make us stronger, faster & smarter.

However, too much stress & we see performance crumble – our “fight or flight” response kicks in, we become over-stressed & it shows.

If we are continuously triggering our Fight or Flight response our bodies become drained, the immune system is compromised & we suffer physical problems or we may even experience panic attacks, mental breakdown or depression.
Stress is an enormous catchall term. It can mean a raised heartbeat & irritability to a full-blown anxiety attack. When we suffer stress or anxiety for long enough the body has to contain the effects by shutting down emotionally triggering depression.

Moderate Stress

Sometimes life is stressful due to career or family choices or temporarily stretched resources or abilities. A person may experience many symptoms of stress such as sleeplessness, raised heartbeat, sweating, irritability, feelings of being powerless & out of control.

Where a person is able to continue functioning effectively at work & in relationships I usually recommend a course of three 1 hour sessions about a week apart.

We would use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Hypnotherapy enables you to develop an emergency stress dumping technique to keep you calm & manage the situation.

Hypnotherapy sessions are recorded as an mp3 for use at home.

NLP enables you to develop empowering & motivating perspectives that urge you towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

EFT helps to give you the clarity to think through the best strategies to proactively manage the journey & resolve core issues that may be contributing to your stress.  During these times of raised stress, it is essential to prioritise effectively & to look after ourselves physically & emotionally.

Action should be taken to compensate for the stressing effects on your mind & body. Exercise, meditation, yoga, massage & healthy eating will all help your system cope with the extra load.

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Anxiety can be debilitating & extremely frightening.
People suffering from anxiety tend to feel they are increasingly losing their grip on the world. Chest pains, panic attacks, claustrophobia & agoraphobia, are common symptoms.

Where stress has become overwhelming & is affecting work-life & relationships, we would usually require a longer course of treatment.

Typically you will feel better from your first session but the issue is likely to be complex & will require us to resolve several past events that are affecting your current view of the world & self-belief.

These events may be past traumatic events or ongoing undermining of your self-belief.

Again we would use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming & Emotional Freedom Techniques. Generally, 6 sessions will have you back in control & functioning effectively.

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Depression is a coping mechanism to manage overwhelming negative emotions live anxiety, grief, abandonment. However, When these feelings become too great or too prolonged the body shuts down effectively numbing down emotions. A state of dark heavy negativity replaces the fight or flight state, which at its extreme can be pretty impenetrable.

Light  & medium depression respond excellently to EFT & Hypnotherapy. We are able to identify & resolve the specific events that have contributed to the beliefs that cause depression.

When Depression is very deep, however, where all emotion has been suppressed, the client talks in a monotone voice & is unable to generate any positive or negative emotion about anything.

I believe it is important to kick start the system chemically with antidepressants or complementary supplements.

This should be at their Doctors’ advice. Once the client is “feeling” again, even at the lowest level, we can resolve the underlying emotions causing the original anxiety. Once the cause of the anxiety is addressed the coping mechanism becomes redundant & the depression lifts.

Solutions for anxiety

I have worked with many clients with depression using a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP  & EFT. It is extremely rewarding to see clients that are despondent, hopeless & feeling powerless turnaround.

The causes of anxiety are as varied as the clients that experience them therefore every programme for depression is tailor-made. However, I will use Hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT for all clients.

Looking at reducing negativity, creating a motivating image of what the future can look like using Hypnotherapy. We record Hypnotherapy sessions as an mp3 to enable you to reinforce these images at home.

Hypnotherapy enables you to allow your neurology to experience the world in a more positive way.

Using EFT to get to the deep-rooted causes of the depression, which can be resolved. The client can move forward taking with them the lessons learnt from any negative event whilst leaving the fear, anger, sadness, guilt & depression behind them.

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