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Stammering problem solution

Stammering , otherwise known as stuttering, usually begins in childhood & is often a result of some early humiliation or criticism.

However, there is also stammering that develops during speech development where the complex process of communication between different areas of the brain can and the muscles responsible for speech can become out of sync. This may cause a child to have difficulty in their speech development including problems with correct rhythm, pauses and emphasis whilst talking or they may find themselves repeating words or getting stuck on particular words, especially if they feel under pressure or excited and have lots to say.

Stammering is also far more common in boys than girls and if there is a family member who stutters, then it may also be more likely that a child within the family may develop this communication disorder.

As the brain continues to develop, some of these problems resolve or the brain can compensate, which is why many children “grow out” of stammering.

However, for both children and adults, if the stammering has arisen as a result of some early humiliation eg bullying, criticism or (real or perceived) pressure to be perfect, the stammering will remain until these issues have been addressed and resolved.

For these individuals, there are 3 elements that affect stammering:

– Stress levels (physical & emotional)

– Being the focus of attention

Anxiety about stammering

I work with both children and adults to improve or resolve stammering. The treatment is extremely successful – I would say that all my clients improve significantly although many may have a little residual stammering that recurs when they are under extreme pressure or when tired or unwell.

Stammering problem solution

Using Hypnotherapy & EFT we are able to reduce base stress levels by resolving the past experiences that will have affected confidence throughout childhood. In addition we can reduce self-consciousness about any residual stammering.

During the hypnotherapy session you will imagine yourself speaking clearly and fluidly without and stress or tension. We can practise situations that may be particularly challenging eg presenting, with new or authoritative people, when there is a lot of eye contact. The unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between actually doing something and imagining doing something – both get logged as actual experiences. When you “experience” successfully staying cool, calm, collected and feeling confident speaking without stammering or stuttering, you will build confidence in your ability to do so in real life. With confidence comes a reduction in stress and as a result, the unconscious interruption that causes stammering reduces or disappears. It a addition we use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to challenge automatic negative thoughts eg that people will think I’m weird or stupid or incapable if I stammer. By challenging these thoughts we help you to focus on the here and now, your fear of other’s disapproval is reduced and along with it your stress levels. With reduced stress levels you are able to speak more fluidly and every time you do so your confidence increases.

Hypnotherapy sessions are recorded as MP3s to enable you to reinforce the changes between sessions.

Typically I would recommend 3 sessions – the first 75mins followed by 2×1 hour weekly sessions.

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