I went to see Nichola after experiencing some worrying anxiety on stage. I’m an experienced professional musician and this new anxiety really threw me. Nichola gave me helpful advice and did hypnotherapy and tapping with me. I feel so much better after just 3 sessions with Nichola and have performed several times since without any anxiety!

Sade, Professional Musician


Dear Nichola
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your transformative sessions. I’ve now done 6 concerts, 5 of which were really extraordinarily different from anything I’ve done and one which, although more difficult, was several steps up from how I played when I was last there.
Yesterday was my first big venue with a higher stage and although I was tense, the height of the stage didn’t really affect me. The cavernous nature of the venue and playing into the big space was still not that easy but I coped much better than I ever have done.

I suppose in some ways it is the beginning of this process but there are some major changes which have really helped. My relationship with the audience and players is now neutral which is really ideal. I’m not projecting any of my worries on to them and crucially I’ve stopped trying to live up to an image of how I think I should be.

It’s amazing to think that between Christmas and New Year I felt quite desperate and couldn’t envisage doing any of these concerts in a useful way let alone doing them in a way which has surpassed anything I’ve done in the past.

So thank you. I’m very grateful for your help with this. I will keep listening to the Hypno sessions and doing the EFT.

All very best wishes

David, Professional Musician


Nichola is fantastic! I came to her a very anxious woman and felt very embraced and listened to. The hypnotherapy was very effective and I took to it straight away. She has the most soothing hypnotic voice and I trusted her completely. Thank goodness I did because I used her techniques daily and could feel a difference in my mental and physical health with the ‘taping exercises’ and writing down ‘Why I rock’. My self esteem has grown and my life is changing as I am putting things into action. I will always need a support network and it’s very reassuring that I have these techniques and Nichola to contact too. Thank you so much Nichola – YOU ROCK!

Virginia, Professional Actor