As a Degree Chemist & Chartered Accountant, I tend to regard myself as a logical and scientific thinker.  I had been experiencing very unhelpful & distracting feelings & emotions for many months regarding my relationship & despite trying to ignore them or counter them with CBT & my logical thoughts alone, I experienced very little progress. However, my logical mind did finally help me realise that the unhelpful feelings and emotions were coming from somewhere deeper and that I needed to find something that could tap directly into the problem.  Despite my initial scepticism, Nichola employed EFT techniques to rapidly shift my perspective on some past events and reduce the emotions linked to those events – I was very surprised at the emotional impact of Nichola’s work. After only 2 sessions I have been able to make more progress than I had made in months of CBT alone – I can concentrate on my work once more – meaning that the Nichola’s help has already paid for itself. It makes no sense to my logical mind but EFT really works. Nichola’s manner strikes an ideal balance between empathy & firm direction and I was so pleased with her results that I requested if I could give her this testimonial



Dear Nichola

You popped into my mind so I just want to say ‘thank you’ for the work that you did with me when I was in pieces earlier in the year. I listened often to your hypnosis, got over the crying and met a wonderful man in April whom I’ve been dating ever since.

What seemed so bleak then, now seems a chapter passed and – as you say – that guy didn’t tick my checklist which the current one does. So life works out well when getting back in touch with ourselves and have great support from people like you, along the way.

Thank You



Hi Nichola
Just thought I’d get in touch to say a big thank you for the sessions we had together.   Since then my life has changed so much – I’m loving the interior design course (lots and lots of work but learning so much and very challenging – this time I really do believe I can succeed at this!) and I’ve also met someone new and very nice!   I’m sure I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you so a BIG thanks
Best Wishes



Before Nichola, we tried various therapies last year, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Scheme Therapy. Although these were all useful it was Nichola’s direct, firm, empathic and thoroughly practical approach that worked wonders for our relationship (we have been together for 18 years). She dealt with issues head-on in a concise and targeted way. Nichola helped me gain an emotional perspective on a traumatic childhood event (which happened 30 years ago) and also on more recent emotional scars. She will certainly be at the top of my list if ever I need this kind of support in the future