When I met Nichola I was a very overweight and 30 a day smoker I would be sweating and out of breath by climbing the stairs or even just walking on a humid day.  Two years later  I haven’t thought about having a cigarette and I am very close to being my ideal weight having lost over 4 stone (26 bags of sugar or over 56 slabs of butter!). I have rediscovered my love of sports, playing tennis, I’m going to the gym 3 / 4 times a week, cycling everywhere and I can run 10km in under 45 minutes. More important that than I am not killing my children through passive smoking or showing them smoking is a good idea instead of showing them what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

None of that would be possible without Nichola when I thought of hypnotherapy I thought of being hypnotized and really was sceptical thinking it was mumbo-jumbo. Nichola immediately put me at ease I have never felt judged just understood. For me, the important part is not the Hypno part but the therapy and I have come to understand what is important to me and found new confidence in myself. I can honestly say that since I started the therapy all areas of my life have improved!



Dear Nichola

Many many thanks for what you have enabled me to do (I think that’s probably right)
Over 4 weeks gone and a healthy return showing on my investment already.
1200% return in just 1 year..!
You should forfeit your fee and simply ask for 10%/ year of what the person saves for the next 3 years.

It really is the most fantastic sense of freedom and actual fitness that I really thought had gone forever.

I was valuing a flat on the 8th floor the other day and the lift had broken. The owner told me to wait through the intercom while he summoned the porter. I leapt up the stairs and reached the 8th floor without even breaking a sweat.
Swimming and running every day and smelling the blossom and wet earth in the morning…fantastic!

The other day I was gushing so much to a friend about the joys I had found that he felt rather tempted to take up smoking just so he could give up and experience what I am feeling.

Thank you so much…you won’t be seeing me again! But I shall be singing your praises for a long time to come!
Kind regards



I went to see Nichola for hypnosis after smoking nearly all my life. I must admit it wasn’t easy at first, but she gave me my free back up support immediately when I lapsed & I must say now that it has been a great success. I feel fantastic & full of energy.

Thank You Nichola you’ve changed my life



Well, I’m delighted to say that as of January 10th 2009…2 days ago…I have made it! I don’t smoke anymore & I’m so chuffed that it been over a year.

So a huge thank you again..if anyone ever asks me, I will always recommend you

Have a great 2009



I had a session with you early October 2006 to stop smoking and I have not smoked since then!  I must say, it was much easier than I ever thought it would be and I am eternally grateful for your help.”



Well, it’s good news… absolutely no cigs….. It is so very weird not to be a smoker anymore.  Not unpleasant either – just unusual. My sense of smell is much more acute & I am not eating more to compensate.

You should be very proud of yourself that after 36 years of smoking you have deprogrammed me!  Thank you!!

Mia x


Hi Nicola,

I came to see you with my friend Tara on May 6th to quit smoking and wanted to send you a quick thank you as I’m still a non-smoker 4 months on! I did have huge withdrawal symptoms but absolutely no to desire to smoke or be a smoker, all the reasons for falling off the wagon before have been completely eliminated. Tapping was really helpful and knowing about reaction arcs was also extremely helpful. I cannot thank you enough! All the best,



You hypnotised me over three years ago at Chiswick Esporta and I have not touched a cigarette to my lips since – insane