The Transformative Power of Hope

So…what is Hope?

Of all emotions Hope is closest to Trust.

And let’s be honest, trust in our leadership has been wearing a bit thin these days.

When we Hope we are trusting in the POTENTIAL of something positive happening.

Now this is different to desire, anticipation and expectation.

The expectation of “life back to normal” by spring will lead to disappointment.

However, we can TRUST that our global scientists have had a game changing breakthrough – that is a fact not a promise.

Therefore we can be filled with HOPE for major positive changes in the next 3-6 months.

So….why is Hope so important?

1) Hope supports perseverance.  We still have a lot of restrictions and sacrifices ahead of us. However, with then end in sight, hope helps us dig deep and soldier on.

2) Hope for the future lifts our mood in the present. As we imagine ourselves hugging our loved ones, rebuilding careers and businesses, jetting off on holiday, we literally change our brain chemistry. We reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.

3) Hope is a motivator. As we think of the future becoming easier we feel motivated take action and get ready. Success feels more achievable so we feel more confident that our actions will be worth the effort.

4) Hope encourages us to take opportunities. When we are fearful we are risk averse. However with hope comes courage and optimism to stretch beyond our previous comfort zones.

5) Hope encourages us to do our best for others. When we feel despair we look inwards, consumed by ourselves and our own problems. With hope our perspective turns outwards – we can give and contribute more to others.

6) Hope is contagious. The more hope we have the more we inspire others to hope. As we feel lifted so we lift others with us.

Of course it’s not always easy to feel hopeful during difficult times – whatever the news.

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