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What is it?
How does it work?
Changing beliefs
What is it?
In between waking & sleeping is a level of consciousness known as trance.
If you have ever been so absorbed in a book or a film it has felt as if you are actually there, you were experiencing trance – it simply means being totally absorbed by your thoughts & imagination.
During hypnotic trance we can by-pass the barriers to our inner thoughts and feelings, and suggestions are acted upon much more powerfully than is possible in a “normal” state of mind.
Suggestions made to your unconscious mind can help you make positive changes in your behaviour & emotional reactions eg smoking, anxiety, phobias…
Hypnotherapy is safe & natural with no side effects. It is an incredibly powerful therapy with lasting results to help you take control of your life – fast.

How does it work?

  • Our unconscious mind rules our automatic reactions:
  • Physiological e.g. breathing in & out, adrenaline & hormone production
  • Emotional e.g. anger, empathy, phobias
  • Behavioural e.g. habits; smoking, over-eating

The unconscious mind likes to keep things simple & stable. It measures & interprets every new experience against our existing beliefs & experience eg when we see a man in uniform marching towards us we might think of an attacking soldier or a bandleader depending on our experience.
When the unconscious mind finds a memory match or similarity, it files the new experience alongside the same memory – reinforcing the belief it supports eg that men in uniform are dangerous.
In doing this our unconscious mind is continually reinforcing our existing belief systems & subsequent experience.


Changing Beliefs

With our unconscious mind continually reinforcing our existing beliefs, it becomes very difficult to change unhelpful or out dated beliefs at will.
Despite our best efforts at a logical conscious level, changes can only be made through great effort & determination, through: conscientious reprogramming & continually reinforcing experiences which support the desired new belief ie practise.
At the same time overcoming the unconscious efforts to sabotage change ie willpower.

Major changes can be achieved quickly & easily by accessing & reprogramming the unconscious beliefs system through hypnosis:

  • Providing helpful suggestions directly to the unconscious mind to make fundamental & long lasting shifts
  • Creating powerful & motivating images of a positive future result
  • Defusing outdated or unhelpful beliefs to provide perspective
  • Creating multiple replays of positive behaviour ie virtual practise
  • Enrolling the unconscious mind in the project at hand, minimising the requirement for will power

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Will I be asleep?
No – while you will have your eyes closed & be extremely relaxed, you are likely to  remember the session completely. You will be aware of what is happening and of the noises going on around you

Will hypnosis give someone control over my mind?
No. You can resist hypnosis. Nobody can be forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

Will I be unable to come out of trance?
It takes effort for a therapist to maintain a trance. Should I stop talking you will come out of the trance easily and naturally? You can bring yourself out of it at any time and at will.

Will I give away secrets under hypnosis?
No. You cannot be forced to say or do anything under hypnosis. You are in control of everything you say and do. In fact, it is very unlikely you will be asked to speak . Anything you do say is completely confidential.

Can harmful suggestions be planted in my mind?
No. You will remember the session when you come out of trance. Should anyone try to plant disagreeable ideas you will come out of trance immediately. The session is also recorded on audio CD.

Does it work?
Yes – without a doubt – hypnotherapy can help you to shift mental blockages & achieve your goals

I am happy to discuss any issue free of obligation & in complete confidence so please feel free to call me on 07946 526 838 or email to


Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of the new Energy Psychology techniques that have been transforming our understanding of how to create health and well being, quickly and effectively.
Since its development in the 1990’s, EFT has been used on a massive range of problems including; agoraphobia; claustrophobia; pain; neuropathy; abuse, trauma, eating disorders; blood pressure problems; fibromyalgia etc. This powerful, yet simple technique often gets results when nothing else works.

EFT has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for physical & emotional symptoms:
It often works when nothing else will

  • Usually delivers rapid, long lasting results
  • No drugs or equipment are involved
  • Its easily learned by anyone
  • It can be self applied
  • It can be done over the phone

I am passionate about EFT above any other therapy with which I help people create lasting & profound change in their lives.

I am so committed to this therapy that I have specialist training in Addictions, Trauma & sexual abuse, Weight loss & Serious Diseases. I am a qualified EFT trainer & committed to spreading awareness & use of this amazing healing tool across the UK. I have been featured in the Times, Spirit & Destiny Magazine & Newstalk Radio – I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity with my enthusiasm – this technique is an amazing discovery & a true gift to us all.

If you are considering one to one therapy, or are looking for training in EFT, please feel free to call me on 07946 526 838 or email to

How does EFT work?
Western therapy understands that we have a skeletal framework. If that skeletal framework gets out of alignment we will experience a symptom eg a backache or headache. If somebody realigns that system the symptom will subside.

Eastern therapy also believes that we have an energy framework, based on meridians. This is the same system use in acupuncture. If that energy system gets out of alignment we experience a physical or emotional symptom eg backache or fear. If somebody realigns that system the symptom will subside.

Developed in the 70s by Gary Craig EFT is a technique, which enables us to realign the energy system thereby relieving these symptoms. The system is realigned by tapping gently on points on the face, torso head & occasionally hands whilst focusing on the problem being experienced.

If you are interested in learning the basics of EFT I run a one-day EFT introductory workshop approved by EFT founder Gary Craig. This workshop will enable you to use simple EFT on yourself, your friends & family to help with cravings, physical pain & emotional issues and is the foundation requirement for Level 2 EFT practitioners course.


Why do we focus on the negative?
When we go to a physiotherapist we tell them where it hurts. No amount of focus on how good the left shoulder may feel will improve the pain in the right shoulder. With EFT we need to connect with what is disrupting the system to rebalance the system & therefore alleviate the symptom.

Isn’t it just a distraction?
No! Placebo effects require some belief in the process and this is rarely the case for newcomers to EFT. Also, although EFT may appear to be distracting, it will not work if the client is, in fact, distracted. That is why the client continually repeats a reminder phrase, which “tunes in” to the problem.

Do I have to say the words out loud?
Saying the words out loud & emphatically has been found to increase the speed of results but if you feel too self conscious try saying the words in your head – if it doesn’t shift the issue find a private spot & say the words out loud.

What is Psychological reversal?
Psychological reversal occurs when the polarity of the energy system is reversed. It occurs infrequently for general issues but is very common for chronic immune system illnesses & addictions. When we are psychologically reversed the system resists balancing & tapping is ineffective. It’s like putting the batteries in upside down – it just doesn’t work. Psychological reversal is easily corrected by using a technique called the set up statement – saying “even tho I (have this problem) I deeply & completely accept myself” whilst tapping on the karate chop point or rubbing the sore spot point.
Will I have to go through painful memories?
Yes but it will be quick & relatively painless. EFT is a gentle, respectful therapy. We use a technique called Tearless Trauma, which enables us to take the sting out of a memory gently before going through the whole story. It may not be entirely tearless but it will be quick & profoundly effective – EFT can often remove the emotional charge from a traumatic event in 1 session that has been causing pain for many years eg bereavement, post traumatic stress disorder, miscarriage. You can even keep the details of the event to yourself if you so choose.

How can it work on physical issues if something is really wrong?
This is a tough one for people in the West to get our heads around so keep an open mind…
Every physical symptom has an emotional element. The body creates everything we feel & is a sensing machine. By relieving the emotion stress & tension we have about having a physical issue we alleviate discomfort & restriction.
If we take this idea even further, & here’s where it gets contentious, the body creates everything at a cellular level, we are a living chemistry set & the unconscious is the lab technician. When we are in love we release endorphins – natural tranquilisers & anti depressants. When we are angry we release adrenalin & catecholamine. Our emotions affect our body chemistry, including our immune system & our healing abilities. When we align our bodies energy system we maximize our ability to heal & regenerate – the results can be miraculous!
If you are interested there are many amazing case studies on  & the serious diseases DVD set.

Is it appropriate to remove 100% of a pain?
Pain is often a message to protect an area that needs rest to heal. To remove 100% of that message pain could be irresponsible unless you were sure that the client would rest the area entirely.  Some pain is a call to action eg tooth ache this pain might be appropriate to shift for a while until an appointment could be made but obviously not long term. Some pain may be entirely appropriate to chase as far as possible out of the body eg cancer pain, migraine. Use your judgment & ensure you make it clear that while the pain may be gone the underlying problem may still need care & attention. Long-term chronic pain nearly always has some underlying traumatic event(s) associated with it.

I’m tapping & tapping & it doesn’t seem to work – what’s wrong?
EFT is effective in over 80% of cases

Sometimes a client my be Psychologically Reversed & this must be corrected before tapping the meridian points – the best means to avoid this is to tap on the karate chop every round using the set up statement
If you are using the setup & still there is no shift it is likely that you are not being specific enough eg “even tho I’m angry I” ….. try getting more focussed “angry with x about y”
If it’s a physical issue try looking for the emotion behind the feeling – “I’m feeling deprived without my cigarette”, “I’m scared to release this protective tension”
Occasionally we can be disrupted ourselves which may affect the outcome eg tapping on family members or friends that are skeptical you may be disrupted by performance anxiety – if so it is worth tapping on yourself before you tap on them – even tho I really want this to work I deeply… or even tho I’ll look a fool if it doesn’t work…. You decide based on how you feel.
In the past Gary has talked about energy toxins – my personal belief is that something being toxic is a symptom of a disruption therefore it is a tappable issue with a route in a specific event – keep digging.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is a bit like an ‘owners manual’ for your brain!
NLP is the practice of understanding & utilising the way that people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to enable them to produce the results they desire.

Neuro: refers to the nervous system (the mind), through which our experience is processed via five senses:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Olfactory
  • Gustatory

Linguistic: refers to Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning.

Words (Self Talk)

Programming: refers to the ability to discover and utilise the programs that we run (our communication to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.
In other words, NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

Developed by Bandler & Grinder in the 70s, NLP studied 3 key therapists each outstanding at facilitating rapid & profound results for their clients; Milton Erickson – Hypnotherapist, Virginia Satir – Family therapist & Fritz Perls – a Gestalt therapist.
By breaking down the language & techniques used by these individuals they have provided a “How to” guide for many thousands of therapists to achieve the same outstanding results.

NLP is great at shifting negative behaviour & automatic feelings such as phobic responses. It has a depth & breadth of applications & tools, which combine perfectly with Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

I am happy to discuss any issue free of obligation & in complete confidence so please feel free to call me on 07946 526 838 or email to

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