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Treat tics naturally

Whilst there is evidence that Tics have some route in physiology, it can also be treated as an extreme case of habitual/addictive behaviour.

I have had success with several cases in helping sufferers to reduce & in some cases clear Tics

Using Hypnotherapy & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Tics can be a coping method to enable the sufferer to feel safer.

Often it is a response to an experience or lifestyle.

Life that has been dangerous, traumatic or allowed the sufferer little or no control.

Tics can be a source of great misery & anxiety leaving the sufferer feeling isolated & increasingly at the mercy of their bodies.

Hypnotherapy & especially EFT can enable you to make great strides forward.

Tics generally appear during childhood & I have had some great successes with children in this area.

Often in these cases, Tics may evolve over time

However, the techniques I teach will enable the child to apply management strategies to any Tic that develops.

Treat tics naturally

Tics can respond surprisingly quickly to EFT & hypnotherapy compared to traditional therapies you will be amazed at the speed with which you can improve.

Generally, 3 sessions will be enough to enable you to feel in control.

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