Trust – why it’s so important right now and how to build it

Did you know that there’s an equation for trust?

The Trust Equation

You can use the Trust Equation to assess why people may not trust you, and why you may not trust others.

The equation is: T = (C + R + I) / SO

T = Trust (the willingness or ability to rely on others)

C = Perception of Credibility (trusting what someone says)

R = Perception of Reliability (trusting what someone does)

I = Intimacy (entrusting someone with something)

SO = Perception of Self-Orientation (self-awareness and focus, i.e. whether your focus is primarily on yourself or others).

Wearing a mask tells me that they have a high R (reliability) score and a low SO (self orientation) score – they might just be OK 

One dictionary definition of trust is “feeling safe when vulnerable.”

Now more than ever we need our trusted support networks around us – our tribes, the people that “have our backs” – old friends and new – we need people we can TRUST

Brene Brown (Shame Researcher and highly recommended writer/TED presenter) uses the acronym BRAVING to describe how we can build and maintain trust:

  • Boundaries: Setting up parameters for what we will and won’t permit in our lives. We each have a bubble of comfort into which we allow some people and exclude others. We have the right to say yes to what we want and no to what we don’t want without guilt.
  • Reliability: Knowing that we can be counted on to do what we say and say what we mean.
  • Accountability: Owning up to our feelings, words and actions, rather than placing blame on others. 
  • Vault: Only sharing information that is ours to share or that we are given explicit permission to tell others if it is another person’s story.
  • Integrity: Living according to our values.
  • Non-Judgement: Speaking our truth and allowing for others to do the same without making them or ourselves wrong for it.
  • Generosity: Assuming that the other person has our best interest at heart and vice versa.

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