Your message today to see how we were getting on with the challenge of coronavirus came out of the blue and could not have been better timed. Having lost my Mum suddenly just before Christmas and gone straight into lockdown the day after Mothering Sunday, I know that I have pushed matters aside and got on with running the business without any staff for the last 10 weeks. Today, I felt completely overwhelmed – you know, one of those days when it seems everything is against you – and all I wanted was to speak to Mum as I always would have. Instead, with your instruction on tapping and your pertinent questions to make me say what I really needed to say and realise, I now feel ten times better than I did. Whilst it will take a long while for me to feel like “me” again, you have put me back on the path which I hopped off just when I should have been at the start of it (three months after I lost Mum) as a business during lockdown took over. I know that I must not be afraid to grieve properly (for Mum, of course, but also for Dad and my brother which I think I put off to look after Mum) and, while I am normally so strong, I must be prepared to let people, especially my husband, know when I’m feeling vulnerable and need support – just as I always did with my Mum – without fear of judgment or negativity.
Thank you so much for your support today – as Mum always said: “everything happens for a reason” and your initial message today proves that.



Alcohol Dependency

Nichola….Thank You for giving me my life back….so easily, 100% success. Merry Xmas!



Anxiety & Trauma

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for helping me deal with my constant worries and fears about my violent ex-partner.  After spending nearly 10 years with him and having a child by him, I finally escaped when my son was 1 year old.  I had spent a further 6 years constantly worrying that he would find us.  In that time I met and married my husband.  Just before my wedding, I was so stressed and worried that my ex would find us; I kept thinking I saw him in the street and that he would find out that I was getting married.  I came to see you Nichola, and after approx 10 mins of EFT, talking through my past experiences and being hysterical, to begin with, I actually laughed about the bad times and my worries were no longer worries.  I couldn’t thank you enough (nor could my husband as I think I was driving him mad!) as you have greatly helped me and my family.



Body Confidence

I came to see Nichola with a hang-up I had over an aspect of my physical appearance that was really making me quite miserable.
It was something I had been bullied about at school and as a result, it had ended up being something that I constantly obsessed about – literally all the time! I’d think about when I woke up, on the way to work, at work, when I went out at night, when I was with my friends, boyfriends, on holiday – it really was all-consuming!
I’m so grateful to Nichola, because, although this is still something I don’t 100% love about my appearance, the scale of this problem has been massively reduced. It doesn’t constantly occupy my thoughts anymore, and I’m much more rational in my view of how other people see me.

Doing hypnotherapy really has been one of the best decisions of my life because, to everyone else, and even myself it seemed like a silly problem – but Nichola acknowledged how seriously it was impacting me and really helped me completely transform my perspective.”




You worked wonders! Nick had the scan yesterday & stayed admirably calm…the operator even commented on how calm he seemed! Bless you for being such a marvel



Cocaine Addiction

Well life remains ‘coke-free’ in OZ  – I’m greatly looking forward to celebrating my 1st years ‘Coke-free’ anniversary in May ’05 (without a line!), maybe I’ll do a ‘barby’ on the beach. Take care, many thanks and my warmest wishes


In July 2007 I received another email from David – he’s still “coke-free” (and obsessed with Barbies :o)



After 3 visits to Nichola, I found the ability to apply myself and to concentrate and was able to study for my accountancy exams which I have recently passed. In the past, I always found it difficult to motivate and apply myself but now I am so much better at it and am looking forward to my next set of study and exams.



Emetophobia (phobia of vomiting)

Great news!!  I was very sick on 20 October and within about 10 or 15 minutes John was also sick.  I coped with it all so well – just can’t believe it!  – it was amazing – I didn’t shake or anything and I was so able to cope with John being sick too.  It’s 64 years since I was last sick!
So again thank you so so much!! With every good wish



Fear of heights & open spaces

Hi Nichola,

You may recall, you treated me a couple of weeks ago to help me with my fear of skiing, open spaces, being out of control, mountains, heights etc, etc. I thought you might like a bit of feedback on how it went!!

Well, I loved it!! I had no fear whatsoever. The first morning was the most challenging waking up to heavy snow and being rushed down the ski hire shop by the holiday guides to boot up then off up the mountain in a big group in blinding snow!! After a few anxious moments, I was fine!! On lifts, on pistes etc no problems (apart from being freezing). The weather cleared up on day 2 and it was glorious, the views amazing.

I did find out however that I am a very very bad skier!! So I just skied at my own level and did not let myself be pressurised into doing things beyond my capability. Next time we go I shall have one to one lessons to try and improve my technique (particularly stopping!)

Thanks for everything Nichola, I shall recommend you to all my friends! What could have been a nightmare turned into a fantastic holiday




Hi Nichola,
I just wanted to send you a thank you, as I’m now nearly 5 months pregnant. Although the first lot of Clomid treatment back in late August wasn’t successful, I felt in a really positive frame of mind after the hypnotherapy session and continued to focus on the CD recording you had made. Sure enough, the following month, between treatment months, I found myself pregnant – 2 and half years after starting trying.

Anyway, not sure how much feedback you get, so thought you might like to

Very best wishes



Fertility IVF

During one of the most difficult times of my IVF process, where I taking blood tests twice a day, I turned to Nichola for support.

I had a tremendous fear of needles and the invasiveness of the procedures. Nichola provided a new ground for me to change my perspective in both areas through her hypnotherapy work.

Therefore, in my second IVF attempt after working with Nichola, I was able to face my fears from seeing them from a positive place.  I was able instead to visualise the ultimate outcome of a beautiful baby, rather than focus on the blocks.

Listening regularly to her CDs reinforced the change and the possibilities that I was embarking on through IVF. I am very grateful for her work and so glad I found her as a hypnotherapist. Her style is nurturing, confidential and highly intelligent.


West London



Having been sent home 3 hours earlier at 2cm dilated, the midwife looked sceptical that I was back and was reluctant to check me due to the risk of infection. However, she told me, looking shocked and quite impressed that I was now 8cms dilated in a very short time. 1hr 30 mins later my beautiful daughter was born in the birthing pool with only gas and air.

The midwife who delivered my baby said it was obvious I had coaching of some kind.

I would highly recommend Nichola’s sessions to anyone having a baby. For me, it helped me be prepared and in control and also conquered my fear. Thanks again Nichola for all your help and support




I would highly recommend Nichola. Having tried almost everything else when it comes to tackling insomnia, hypnotherapy is something that has finally helped me. Nichola’s sessions have been extremely beneficial and made a huge difference. I only wish I had seen her sooner! Thanks



Swimming phobia

After years of being afraid of the water and being labelled a phobic, I finally swam a whole length on my back. The starting point in this great achievement was EFT. I read about Nichola in a newspaper article and felt compelled to give it a try. It’s amazing how previous experiences shape you but Nichola got to the core and now I find myself able to deal with the fear and anxiety



Panic Attacks

I came to see Nichola after having some panic attacks in my new work environment. This was a particularly upsetting experience which consumed me each day with the worry of an attack.  Initially, I had hypnotherapy with Nichola then some cognitive therapy sessions.  Nichola made me understand that what I was experiencing wasn’t uncommon and the therapy helped me overcome my fears of panicking and how I could deal with stressful situations for which I am grateful for – I have not had a panic attack for 6 months now’



I’ve had an escalating phobia about going to the dentist for a number of years. When I found out I needed a root canal I knew there was no way I could get through it without help, which is when I turned to Nichola. The sessions were split into 2 parts. Initially we explored what had caused my fear. With Nichola’s gentle guidance, I started remembering a previous unpleasant and painful experience that I had completely blocked out. Nichola helped me rationally explore what had happened and my feelings surrounding the incident using EFT tapping before then moving into hypnotherapy to help visualise a more positive experience. We had 2 sessions and she gave me the homework of listening to our recorded hypno sessions before my appointment. I was so relaxed I caught myself snoring! On the day itself, I was calm, relaxed and perfectly in control. I was able to get through all the appointments without any distress and minimum discomfort. This is in complete contrast to the high levels of anxiety I had previously experienced for even the most simple of appointments A few years later and I am still reaping the benefits where I no longer dread visiting the dentist and I’ve used the techniques she showed me in other areas of my life. I would highly recommend Nichola to anyone who has a similar problem.

Toni, Dentist Phobia

I came to see Nichola as I was suffering overwhelm and anxiety dealing with difficult life situations over the past few years, and I felt at the end of my tether.  After a phone consult Nichola recommended 3 sessions.  We did EFT and hypnotherapy.  I found the EFT worked really well at reducing my anxiety levels.  In addition Nichola gave me tools to work with at home if I felt anxiety creeping in.  Each session revealed root causes which I had no real awareness of.  After the sessions I felt balanced and grounded and had a better feeling within about the current situation and the future.  A feeling that i had not felt in a very long time .  I continue to ‘tap’ for myself when I feel the need .  I would definitely recommend seeing Nichola.

Lynne, Anxiety

When I met Nichola I WAS drinking excessively. Wait, that’s an understatement, I was drinking like silly and it was affecting all aspects of my life.

Nichola doesn’t only concentrate on the main ‘big issue’ but should little issues and bumps on the road appear in the process (and they will!), she helps dealing with them there and then, spot on, with empathy and great psychological intuition. She gives one all kinds of different tools for self help to take away, simple and effective to use at home.

Has a good sense of humour, I really appreciate that my little jokes didn’t go unanswered!

This was my first ever hypnotherapy experience and in short, I’d say if you are looking for someone to help you help yourself, look no further!

My heartfelt gratitude goes to you, Nichola.