Why Now is a Great Time to Savour the Moment

Spending time thinking about good things from out past, present and future changes out brain chemistry in a positive way.

Savouring the moment will improve your mental health

Savouring doesn’t just create good feelings, it amplifies them and makes them last longer.

More Savouring = More Happiness

Savouring is linked to more happiness, greater self esteem, optimism and life satisfaction. It may also protect against depression and hopelessness.

and the even better news…

A study of 15,000 people found that those who experienced a lot of past adversity are better able to appreciate life’s small pleasures in the present.

10 Ways to Practise Savouring

and improve your mental health…

1 – Share your good feelings with others. This is called Capitalising. It makes the experience feel more valuable and, as a bonus, it builds trust.

2 – Take a mental picture of the moment to savour later. When we reminisce on savoured moments we recreate all the positive feelings over and over again.

3 – Revel in your success. Congratulate yourself and share it with trusted others so they can praise and congratulate you too.

4 – Pay attention to your senses – how does it look, sound, taste, smell, feel? The more detail you give to your positive memory as you create it, the more power it will have when recalled.

5 – Express your good feelings externally – smile, laugh out loud, whoop, cheer – hey do a happy dance if you want to 🙂

Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and releases Endorphins.

6 – Stop Multi-tasking and focus – be mindful of what you are experiencing – get absorbed. Savour the flavour, texture, smell of your food, the feel of a hug, the sensation of cool water on your body on a hot day.

7 – Consciously feel grateful in the moment when you remember things from the past or anticipate the future. Express it to yourself and others – “I’m feeling so grateful right now”.  Feed your gratitude practise.

8 – Stop being a Kill Joy. Why would you want to spoil an opportunity for Joy for you or anyone else?

Focus on the positives.

9 – Actively keep an eye out for situations to savour. Ever bought a new car and then seen that model everywhere? What we focus on proliferates in our lives.

10 – In good times (as well as bad) remember – “this too shall pass”. Life has highs and lows that come and go. So grab the highs with both hands, savour them wholeheartedly in the moment, and capture them as precious memories to savour over and over again

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